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The Chandra Process


Creating an excellent novel is a journey.  The team at Chandra are expert guides.  We have decades of experience and bring our expertise to bear on creating the best books on the market.  Our process has been refined to produce excellent results both in quality and marketability of the manuscript. For an idea of what your journey might look like with Chandra, please read on.

Manuscript Submission

You’ve worked on your manuscript for what feels like forever and are ready to submit it for our review. You’ve had your friends and family read it and give you feedback.  You’ve made countless nips, tucks, and tweaks.  You attach the file and hit send.  Euphoria kicks in until you start to count the minutes till you hear from us. Chandra will always let you know that we have received your submission; however, we do need to eat and sleep, so it might be 24 hours till you hear back from us.

Manuscript Review

Once we have your manuscript, we'll begin the process of manuscript review.  This can us take us some time depending on how many manuscripts we have in review at the time of your submission.  Rest assured that we’ll do our best to give you an idea of when you can expect to hear back from us.  This step can take anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks and, at rare times, longer.  So, count on at least 12 weeks and you’ll be delighted if you hear from us before that.

Manuscript Acceptance

If we think your work is a good fit for us, we’ll “accept your manuscript”.  This means that we will be moving towards signing you as a Chandra author.  This step of the process is largely overlooked if you are accepted, but dwelt on if you are not.  It is important to note that we do not believe there is bad manuscript.  Your story is likely wonderful but is simply just not a good fit for us at the time.


If we accept your manuscript, we will offer you a contract to sign.  The contract will include all of your obligations as the author and those of Chandra as the publisher.  A good contract is clear and ensures both parties are completely aligned.  All of our contracts are royalty based meaning you will never be asked “to chip in” any of your own money.  We believe in your work and are willing to invest our time, energy, and capital into making your book a success.


We will work with you over the course of one to several drafts to hone your book into the best it can be.  Your book is like an Olympian, the more it trains the better it performs.  Books ready for publication before multiple drafts are like Unicorns: pretty rare.  Drafts do not mean full rewrites.  It does mean refining the prose until the story is clear, complete, and compelling.


Once the manuscript is ready, we’ll begin to get it ready for publication.  This phase includes copyediting, cover design, finalization of other stylistic elements, and conversion into digital (and print) formats for multiple publishing platforms.  This steps usually moves quickly and is the most fun for the author as we are almost ready to launch.  At the end of this step in the process, your book will be ready for primetime on the Amazon Kindle Store.


We’ve made it! Your work is now available to consumers all over the world. This is the culmination of a long journey and the most exciting time for any author and a huge accomplishment.