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Be like Jilly. Get a copy of Fusion World by Joseph Tamone just for subscribing to our newsletter

Be like Jilly. Get a copy of Fusion World by Joseph Tamone just for subscribing to our newsletter

For a limited time, sign up for our newsletter and get a free copy of our debut book, Fusion World by Joseph Lewis Tamone.

We published Fusion World, our first sci-fi book, on October 15th, 2008. It’s an action-packed dystopian story of planetary war, cold revenge, and underdogs facing impossible odds. We’re giving it away to every new subscriber to our newsletter for a limited time. A bribe? Totally. But, if we fail to entertain, amuse, or otherwise keep you interested, unsubscribing is super easy. Subscribe now and get your free copy!


Here’s the blurb for Fusion World:

For fans of Old Man’s War, Starship Troopers, and Forever War comes a gripping story unlike any other.

The war destroyed their planet. Now it’s time for revenge.

20 years after their crushing defeat in the Universal War, the planet Vyndral is a dystopian wasteland. The remnants of the Vyndral Army scavenge through the ashes of the once great planet trying to stay one step ahead of death. On a scouting run, Marden Oswalde discovers a way to reopen the portal to Rafia, their mortal enemy and the cause of the destruction of Vyndral. The invasion of Rafia is as swift as it is brutal. The coastal metropolis of Vyloli falls within hours and thousands are captured.

Vai, a talented hacker, and Edam, a pilot with no past, manage to make their way out of Vyloli with a piece of information that may be the key to freeing the prisoners and saving Rafia. With the fate of their homeworld in the balance, Vai, Edam, and a small band of untested specialists must come together to stop the Vyndral threat. Pulling it off requires extraordinary skill, courage, and ultimately sacrifice. Racing against the clock and facing incredible odds, do they have what it takes?

What reviewers are saying about Fusion World:

”Fusion World is an excellent book that had me hooked from the get-go. The action is solid and intense. A definite page turner.” -Eric S.

“The book is cleverly written to keep the readers hooked from start to finish. You really are left wondering and wanting to know more about the characters and who is supposed to be the good guys? The character that intrigued me the most was the utterly terrifying Raven. She is a highly skilled assassin and we watch her transformation until she is accepted as a team player. I am thoroughly looking forward to reading the next book. Hopefully we do not have to wait too long!” – Courtney

“I love a good science-fiction read, and Joseph Lewis Tamone certainly offers up an addictive addition to the genre with the first Philanthropy book. With Fusion World, we’re introduced to an interesting story that will leave readers desperate to see what the next book in the series will bring.” – Siobhan

“The author does a great job at character building and world building. He develops unique and interesting characters through dialogue and interactions. He builds the worlds of Rafia and Vyndral with detail, and the story itself is interesting. The idea of passing between parallel earths is an interesting concept. It's a good read. If you like science fiction and books about war you won't be disappointed.” – Erica B.

Sounds awesome, am I right? So do yourself a favor and subscribe!