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Thad Saves the Galaxy author, C.T. Fleck, has great taste in movies.

Hitchiker’s Guide meets Starship Troopers meets Mars Attacks in this hilarious romp across the Milky Way.

Hitchiker’s Guide meets Starship Troopers meets Mars Attacks in this hilarious romp across the Milky Way.

We sat down with C.T. Fleck, author of Thad Saves the Galaxy, to discuss a few things.

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CP: Hey C.T., thanks for making time to chat with us today.  Your book, Thad Saves the Galaxy, was a bestseller on Amazon for 6 weeks. That’s a great run.  We’d like your readers to get to know a bit better. We’ve developed a formula of sorts for interview questions that tend to reveal interesting things about our authors and their work.  So, let’s get to it.  What are you top 5 sci-fi books and why?
CTF: This is in no particular order. 1. Anything by Douglas Adams. The dude is witty and can genuinely make me laugh. 2. To Say Nothing of the Dog by Connie Willis. I haven’t read that one in a while, but I remember thinking of how neat and interesting the premise was. 3. This Book is Full of Spiders: Seriously, Dude Don’t Touch It by David Wong. Now some of my friends say this one really isn’t sci-fi, but I see strong sci-fi themes so I’m counting it. 4. Space Team Series by Barry Hutchinson. They are just really well written and interesting stories. 5. The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness. Yet again, this story is just generally funny and interesting. 

CP: No surprise that several of your favorites are funny. Obviously these books had an influence on your writing. Douglas Adams and Space Team for sure. Let’s keep this going. What are your top 5 sci-fi movies?
CTF: Also in no particular order. 1. The first two Alien movies. After that just kind of lost interest. Can’t remember the third one too well but the first two were staples of modern sci-fi. 2. District 9. It takes the whole alien invasion thing to a new angle. I liked it. 3. Starship Troopers. Got to appreciate a little satire. 4. E.T. This one, I’m not going to lie, is probably just from nostalgia alone. It came out before I was born but I remember watching it as a kid. It was the movie that got me interested in the idea of life beyond Earth. A little scared to go back and re-watch it. Better to just have how I remember it. 5. Mars Attacks! I just thought it was absurd and hilarious. Still love it.

CP: Alien and Aliens are two of my favorite moves ever! I fact, I’m going to do a blog post on my experience seeing Aliens on the big screen. Back to your book, you can definitely find elements of Starship Troopers and Mars Attacks in Thad Saves the Galaxy. Your book has been called satirical, absurd, and hilarious by reviewers. Switching gears a bit. What’s your favorite food?
CTF: I’m a simple man; just give me a PB&J. Preferably with extra peanut butter.

CP: Sounds sticky. Ok, what is your favorite thing to do in your down time?
CTF: Well, I seem to get less and less down time with each passing week. When I do have time, I enjoy a good game of D&D with my friends or a little time playing video games.

CP: I had some great times playing D&D back in the day.  My paladin was a badass named Denthius. Speaking of badass, are you binge watching anything badass at the moment?
CTF: I don’t really watch any shows. I do spend a lot of time binge watching videos on Youtube, though. Most of the time, I watch video gaming channels. Outsidexbox, Outside Xtra, and Eurougamer are three of my favorites. 

CP: You and my sons. When you think of the ideal vacation, what comes to mind?
CTF: I enjoy a nice quiet cabin in the woods. Although if pop culture is right, then an author going to a cabin in the woods always ends in some supernatural shenanigans.

CP: Uh, yah… Be careful out there. What piece of sci-fi tech do you wish we had right now?
CTF: FTL travel. I would love to see both the beauty and the horror of our universe with my own eyes. That would just be great. 

CP: That would be cool. Seeing as it isn’t here yet, the moon seems a likely candidate for colonization sometime soon. Would you rather be an early colonist, later arrival, or not go at all?
CTF: Early because it would be neat. That is my sole reasoning. Never overthink things but let’s face it I’ll be dead well before that happens. If the human race doesn’t get it’s shit together none of us will live that long. Global warming. It’s not a political issue; it’s just an issue.

CP: Your preaching to the choir. Now on to writing. Being a writer seems like the ideal job to many. What are some of the upsides and downsides of author life?
CTF: Well some upsides are: I’m more motivated to put time into my writing. It’s given me a lot more confidence in my writing. The downsides: I feel a little more pressure to make it good and give it to my publisher on an acceptable timeframe (that pressure comes from me not my publisher).

CP: We are cool like that, but you better get that sequel in ASAP or else… Thad Saves the Galaxy is polarizing. It seems like readers either love it or hate it. Why should a reader buy your book?
CTF: I could bore them to death with tired old clichés but instead all I’m going to say is that I had a lot of fun writing it. I enjoyed the whole process and because of that I was able to make something that I feel is both serious and lighthearted. Humorous and sad. Silly and Dark. Immature with adult problems. Life isn’t just one dimensional, so I try to make my work reflect that. 

CP: What’s the best way for reader to follow you?
CTF: All I have is a twitter that I keep forgetting exists and I really will try harder at that in the future. My handle is @CT_Fleck

CP: Thanks for your time, C.T. It’s always fun catching up. We’ll mention that readers can pick up a copy of your “Hitchiker’s Guide meets Starship Troopers meets Mars Attacks” debut novel, Thad Saves the Galaxy here: