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Soteria launch, sequels, and summer titles


We have some exciting announcements to share on the eve of the Fourth of July: a book launch, some long anticipated sequels, and our brand new books coming this summer.

Soteria_3D copy.jpg

Soteria: The Crisis Forge launches this Friday!

It’s a fantastic read for the holiday weekend. Make sure to grab your copy on launch day to snag a special deal. We’ll follow up with a link on Friday.

FW R12.png

Sequels to Fusion World and Rijel 12

The 3rd draft of Fusion World II: The Shadow of the Demon is in house! It’s a gripping tale that picks up where Fusion World left off. What happened to Vai and Edam? You’ll have to read it to find out. We’re making excellent progress and expect to have a final draft done by the end of July. Tentative release date is October 1st.

The first draft of Rijel 12 II: The Return of the Anarchy has been delivered! When the Anarchy, thought lost during the war with Earth, suddenly returns, the citizens of Rijel 12 throw a massive celebration. But, events soon turn dark as the foundation of this fledgling society is once again thrown into chaos. Tentative release date is November 15th.

New Releases.png

We have 2 new books coming this summer!

The first, Mirrors by Sonya Deulina, is a thrilling story about two women who experience trouble sleeping. It’s not falling asleep rather their dreams seem like memories. The only problem is that they aren’t their memories. They deeper the women go trying to solve the mystery of their dreams the closer they come to the truth.

The second, The Children of Lehom by Anya Pavelle, is set on Ani island after a devastating virus has decimated humanity. A young noblewoman, Leilani, doesn’t follow the rigorous rules set for women in the Village of Lehom and gets on the wrong side of the King. Forced to flee with the King’s soldiers in pursuit, Leilani must use her wits to save herself and the island from annihilation.

We’ll have more details and advance review copies soon!

Erik Evans