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Get the cake ready!

Chandra Press is coming up on its one-year birthday.

We officially opened for business on April 18th, 2018. It has been an amazing year with many wins.  It has also been incredibly challenging. We wouldn’t want it any other way. Challenges lead to learning. And, we’ve learned a lot. Our primary goal is to bring readers wonderful stories from fresh voices in science fiction. We’re very pleased with our progress over the last year. 

We’ve published three first books from three new authors so far with our next release on May 3rd. Two of our three books have been Amazon bestsellers and ranked in the top 1% of books across the platform. While that is exciting all by itself, it also proved our business model. We were convinced that readers wanted new work from new authors. Fortunately, we were right (massive sigh of relief).

Our open manuscript submission policy has been incredibly successful. We decided from the get-go that we would remove barriers between our press and authors. We accomplished this by doing away with the antiquated process of working exclusively with agents. We don’t need someone to tell us if something is good. We can do that for ourselves, thank you very much. We also believe that our policy fosters a deeper and more meaningful relationship between the house and the author; key components for producing excellent work.

We continue to be blown away by the quantity and quality of manuscripts we receive. We’ve had to grow editorial team to keep up with all the amazing stories we want to publish. We’ll be announcing some new editions to the team in the coming months. Our pipeline is full of wonderful stories that we’re sure readers will love. We’ve got the bases covered from epic world builders, to exciting explorations, to the grueling hardships and wonderful discoveries of colonization, to perilous adventures. And, new stories continue to come in.

One area we need help with is growing our team of advanced reviewers. Reviews are critical to making Amazon’s algorithm pay attention to our books. The process is simple and painless. Essentially members of the review team get free books to read. If they like them, they post a review. Team members get free books and access to cool things like signed copies of books, Chandra swag (the Chandra t-shirt is awesome) and more. If you’re interested or know someone who might be, please let us know:


-The Chandra Team

Erik Evans