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A Great Deal for You on our Birthday!

We launched Chandra Press one year ago today.

We wouldn’t have made it without the support of our wonderful customers. To show our appreciation, we are offering all of our titles for $0.99 for a limited time. Yes, you read that correctly. Ninety-nine freaking cents! If you like reading hand crafted unique stories by fresh voices, produced by an independent publishing house that supports new authors, you are in luck my friend.

Fusion World

Our first book, Fusion World by Joseph Lewis Tamone, is a thrilling adventure of revenge, teamwork, and how a small group can make a big difference. If you like a science fiction novel with strong character development, a plot that keeps you guessing, and a dose of dystopia, you’ll love Fusion World.

Meet a character: Raven

Raven is a ruthlessly effective assassin for Vyndral. She hunts the former members of the Iota Corps, the group who managed to infiltrate the Vyndral Planetary Defense Network and deploy an anti-terran device bringing an end to the Universal War. The device left Vyndral a cold, dystopian wasteland. Raven grew up after the bomb ruined her homeworld and knows how to hold a grudge. Her preferred method of dispatching her targets: stealth and poisoned blades.

Rijel 12: The Rise of New Australia

Our second book, an Amazon bestseller – Rijel 12: The Rise of New Australia by King Everett Medlin, is a riveting, galaxy-spanning space opera of rebellion, piracy, world building, and the quest for redemption with a rich cast of human and alien characters that will keep you turning pages long past your bedtime. 

Meet a character: Archibald Hicks

Hicks is the first general of the New Australian Resistance on Rijel 12 and a human. Gruff and blunt, his no-nonsense approach to matters rubs some the wrong way. His strategies are ingenious but incredibly risky. Can he and the rest of the council convince the gangs of Rijel 12 that they’ll work? And what happens if they don’t? It all rides on Hicks shoulder and he wouldn’t want it any other way.

Thad Saves the Galaxy

Our third book, another Amazon bestseller – Thad Saves the Galaxy by C.T. Fleck, is a humorous galactic adventure with a vibrant cast of human and alien characters, space battles, and outrageous good times. If you like a hilarious dark comedy and sci-fi parody with a weed smoking, carefree, and comical main character who eventually rises to the challenge, you’ll love Thad Saves the Galaxy.

Meet a character: Zinka

Zinka is an Aldinian on the run from the tyrant, Derask. Zinka is an outspoken critic of Dreask’s policies and advocate for the oppressed. She has one goal in mind: taking Derask down. When Thad saves Zinka from a gang of rednecks and takes her in, she believes he just might be able to help her in her quest. She tolerates Thad’s bizarre antics and tries to keep him on a short leash. Zinka is tough, reliable, smart, and proves herself to be the leader that can give Derask the fight of his life.

Thank you for supporting Chandra Press and independent publishers and authors!

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Erik Evans