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Happy Ides of March

Happy Friday, Chandrans.

We have some exciting news and updates to share with you.

Thad Saves the Galaxy has been our most successful launch yet. It has been a bestseller on Amazon since launch.  So, yay!  We’re delighted that C.T.’s book has struck a chord with scifi fans around the world.  As a special thank you, we’re offering Thad Saves the Galaxy for $1.99 on Amazon for a limited time.  If you haven’t grabbed a copy, now is the time. 

We have signed several new authors recently and we’re excited to be working with them on their amazing stories.  It’s humbling to think we started this company less than a year ago and have already signed so many wonderful authors.  We are especially grateful to those who signed on before we had any books in the market.  Looking at you Joe, King, and C.T.!

Speaking of new authors, we will be publishing our 4th title on May 3rd.  It’s a classic exploration-based world builder with great character development, amazing settings, adventure, peril, mystery, and teamwork called Sworld: The Chronicles of Malick by William R. Harris.  A science mission to investigate the planet Sworld goes wrong and the crew are marooned with no way to get home.  Plunged into a quest for answers that ultimately leads them to their origins, Malick and the crew must solve the enigmas of Sworld or perish.

Here’s a sneak peek at the cover:


We also have new books in the works from authors Joseph Lewis Tamone and King Everett Medlin.  Joseph recently submitted his sequel to Fusion World.  Where did the portal send Vai and Edam and, more importantly, when? You’ll just have to wait, sorry.  King wrote a new book based in ancient Mesopotamia where priests wield incredible power. A young woman, Brynn of Ur, uncovers the bizarre truth behind it all.  Can she survive long enough to expose them?  We have several other books in development with planned launches in June, July, and August. We’ll share more about them as we get closer.

Finally, we are officially launching our Chandra Advanced Readers Program next week.  The program is simple.  If you like reading and reviewing books, we’ll send you a copy of our next release before it launches.  All we ask is that you give the book an honest review when it publishes.  There are 25 spots open. Interested?  Let us know by 3/31/19 and we’ll walk you through it:

-The Chandra Team

Erik Evans