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Another free book promotion!

Thanksgiving was awesome and put us in a really good mood. We have so much to be grateful for including our amazing authors and readers. So, we’re running a free book promotion on our latest release, Rijel 12: The Rise of New Australia for a limited time. Rijel 12 is riveting thrill ride of rebellion and hope. Set on the desolate planet of Rijel 12, the Intergalactic Penal Colony is one-way ticket. Inmates don’t come home and are forced to work the mines in wretched conditions. The prisoners have finally had enough and begin to mobilize for a full scale rebellion. Can they succeed in their quest for freedom, or will the warden and overpowering Interplanetary Authority crush them? Join the rebellion and see how it turns out.

Here are the promotion details:

When: 12:01 am on 11.24.18 through 11:59 pm on 11.15.18

Where: Amazon

Here’s the link: Get me a free copy, Chandra!

Get a copy before it’s too late!


-The Chandra Team

Erik Evans