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Fusion World by Joseph Tamone is Live!!!

We are excited to announce that our inaugural title, Fusion World, by Joseph Tamone is live and available to readers all over the world. Joe was the first author that we accepted and signed at Chandra. We started our journey together in May and, through our editorial process, polished his awesome story into something very special.

So, what’s it about? Revenge, hope, idealism, resolve in the face of incredible odds, sacrifice, and redemption. In a nutshell, two planets were locked in a decades long war that killed millions. Finally fortune turned towards one of the planets, Rafia. The other planet, Vyndral, was determined to win at all cost. Rafia was left no choice but to destroy their planet. Twenty years later, the Vyndralites are back for revenge and small group of young Rafians have to stop them. Can they pull it off?

It’s a great story and a fun read with characters you can relate to. You can check the book out here: Awesomeness.

Erik Evans