Chandra Press
Great Science Fiction Starts Here


We're different. In a good way.


We started Chandra Press to address several problems in the Science Fiction publishing space.

The first problem we address is publishing houses only accepting manuscript from agents.  We believe that this byzantine practice keeps great stories from being told.  Agents won't take you on as a client unless you are published.  But, in order to get published you need an agent.  How can an author win?  Easy.  Chandra Press has an open manuscript submission policy.  That means no agent is required.  Simply reach out to us, tell us what is awesome about your story, and, if we're intrigued, you'll hear from us.

The next problem we address is the paper first approach.  Many publishing houses were born before the Internet existed and brick-and-mortar bookstores reigned supreme.  We like paper books too, but a paper first approach can lead to a bad ebook experience.  With paper books, a publisher controls the page size, pagination, margin, gutters, etc.  This is known as page fidelity.  The digital age has thrown page fidelity out the window.  We understand the fluid nature of the way ebooks are consumed.  Readers adjust font size, screen size, colors and more.  By starting with a digital first approach we ensure our works are optimized for readers across all digital platforms.

Finally, we employ modern marketing techniques leveraging the power of search engines, social media platforms, Amazon, and more.  We are a trailblazer in this regard and are baffled that other publishers don't do the same.  Our goal is to create great books and get them sold.  Using modern marketing practices helps us get eyes on our author's works and make happy customers.  Our team of marketing rockstars are the hippest group here at Chandra and they should be.  They understand the market today and how to reach consumers.

Meet the team

Erik Evans - Founder & CEO

Erik Evans is a second-generation publisher with over 15 years of experience in the industry.  Erik is a trailblazer in the digital transformation of publishing.  He designed, built, and launched Constellation, an award-winning digital publishing platform that generates over $30MM in annual revenue.  From his humble beginnings as a sales representative to building a publishing house from the ground floor to a successful Ed Tech startup, Erik has experience in all facets of publishing including sales, marketing, editorial, software development, business operations, and P&L management.  Erik enjoys traveling, rock climbing, the beach, and, of course, reading.  You can find out more about Erik here:

Alex Beals - Co-founder & CMO

Alex Beals holds an undergraduate degree from Cal State Fullerton and grew up in Southern California. He has over ten years of experience in digital marketing helping build brands from small startups to Fortune 500 companies. When Alex isn’t optimizing online campaigns, you can find him on the golf courses of San Diego or in the mountains somewhere snowboarding. Depending on what season it is… You can find out more about Alex here:


Michael Johnson - COO

Michael Johnson has over 25 years of experience building strategy and products and has held executive positions at every level in the publishing industry.  Michael was a Partner with Ascend Learning and the Senior Vice President of Operations and Editor-In-Chief at Jones and Bartlett. Before joining Jones and Bartlett Learning, Michael created a new division for Carnegie Learning.  Prior to Carnegie, he spent 10 years with the Thomson Corporation serving as the President of Thomson Science and Mathematics, Senior Vice President of Strategic Development and Vice President and Editorial Director for Brooks/Cole.  Michael enjoys playing tennis, watching tennis, talking about tennis, reading, and traveling.